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A woman who was injured as she was undergoing cataract surgery has been successful in her suit brought by a New York medical malpractice lawyer. On August 17, 2005 the woman had surgery on her right eye to remove a cataract. The surgery was performed by an ophthalmologist, assisted by a second ophthalmologist, at Saint John’s Episcopal Hospital, in Queens. During the surgery, the doctors also performed an anterior vitrectomy. This procedure removes the clear gel that fills the space between the lens of an eye and the retina, and replaces the gel with an artificial solution that then supports the intraocular lens that replaces the removed cataract. Shortly after the procedure, the woman began to suffer from pseudophakic bullos keratophy, which is a very painful decomposition of the cornea of the eye. She was then treated with steroids and anti-inflammatory medications, but her condition continued to worsen. At this point, doctors have suggested that she have yet more surgery to apply a corneal flap to her right eye. This surgery will not improve her vision, but may relieve the pain she is suffering. In the meantime, she continues to suffer not only the pain, but a near total loss of vision in her right eye, which can only discern light.

The medical malpractice lawyer claimed that, during the surgery to remove the cataract, the ophthalmologist did not create an incision that was big enough, and that the too small incision necessitated excessive manipulation that ended up damaging the capsule of the eye, and that this in turn caused leakage within the eye that led to the decomposition of the cornea. The lawyer also claimed that the ophthalmologist did not take proper measurements and then used an intraocular lens that was too large, and that this act also contributed to the impaired vision from which the woman is now suffering. Ultimately, the insurance company for the doctor settled the case for $600,000.

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