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A woman who suffered a ruptured uterus, which ultimately caused injuries that lead to the death of her newborn baby, was able to get her case to trial thanks to the efforts of a New York medical malpractice lawyer. The plaintiff was a woman who had her first child via cesarean section. For her second child, she decided to attempt a vaginal delivery. To accomplish this, delivery was induced by the use of Prepidil Gel and Pitocin. However, during the delivery, her uterus ruptured at the site of the incision from the earlier cesarean section. The rupturing of the uterus then required that a second, emergency cesarean section be performed so as to deliver the second child. Unfortunately, the ruptured uterus caused a complete placenta abruption, which cut off the oxygen supply to the fetus. Once the oxygen supply was cut off, the infant was born with extensive brain damage, and died 13 days later.

The woman brought a medical malpractice action against the University Associates of Obstetrics and Gynecology and its employees. She claimed that these defendants did not tell her about the risks of a vaginal delivery, and that there was a lack of informed consent regarding the induction of labor with Prepidil Gel and Pitocin. She also claimed that the attending physician departed from good and accepted medical practice by first inducing labor, and then failing to stop the administration of the Pitocin after the uterus ruptured. Finally, she claimed that these acts and omissions were substantial factors in causing not only injuries to her, but the death of her infant as well.

According to a New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer, the Supreme Court of New York, Appellate Division, Second Department, agreed with the woman. They held that she had presented a prima facie case as to whether the doctors had adequately communicated the risks of having a vaginal delivery, and that the administration of Pitocin should have been discontinued once the rupture of the uterus occurred.

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