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Amputated thumb results in a $1.5 million Award Reports New York Malpractice Lawyers


Georgia just recently overturned a cap on non-economic damages, which are available to residents. And, the first jury to award compensation since that cap was overturned reached out and awarded $1.5 million over the amputation of an individuals thumb.

The man was originally filed after nurses were accused of making a medical mistake when providing intravenous medication through a needle in the man’s wrist. New York Malpractice Lawyers report that a nurse did remove the IV hours later but did not make any efforts to get additional care for the man.

The case indicates that nine hours passed before his doctor checked on him and found that the mediation had leaked into his hand. This was the reason why the man was forced to lose his thumb report New York Malpractice Lawyers. And, even though the man underwent several operations to save the hand, his thumb was eventually amputated.

A New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer reports that only four days after a $350,000 cap on Georgia malpractice suit damages were overturned, the Supreme court awarded this man $53,026 in medical expenses and $1.5 million in pain and suffering. If the cap had remained in place, the man would have been limited to just over $400,000.

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