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The husband of a wife who has suffered brain damage is suing the hospital for medical negligence. The husband is the chair of the Irish Recorded Music Association and a prominent member of the community noted the report.

The husband of the patient is suing the Health Service Executive in relation to the treatment that his wife received. The Staten Island doctor and consultant are also involved in the lawsuit. The patient experienced a loss of memory and depression due to bran damage caused by the operation.

The husband claims that his wife’s entire personality has been changed. She was very confident and outgoing when they first met. Now though, she is very different. She is more vulnerable and delicate. She is also left unable to work because of the injuries sustained which resulted in permanent brain damage.

The Lawyer currently handing the case explains that she experienced stomach cramps and pains when she was on holiday in 2005. When she returned home she had a laparotomy operation.

The court was told that the condition of the patient deteriorated very quickly. This meant that the patient was very ill and had to have a second operation to try and resolve the problems. She was rushed into surgery for the second operation.

The patient’s husband later told the court that his wife never actually got better. Also she started acting differently to how she normally did. She told her husband that she was pregnant, and also that her father had visited her – her father had been dead for years before this. This is thought to be because of the brain damage caused during the operations.

The patient’s husband is currently suing the hospital and doctor for the brain damage. This brain damage has completely changed his wife. The reason for the brain damage I believed to be due to a lack of Thiamine or Vitamin B1 while she was treated.

The case is currently ongoing. The hospital denies any liability and says that these complications are a well-known risk of such operations even in Westchester.
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Health is the most precious thing that we all own, that’s why there are increasing numbers of doctors all over the world. In Islamabad there are over 600,000 active unqualified doctors practicing medicine explains a well-known doctor. An estimated 70,000 of these doctors are thought to be at risk of spreading diseases and infections due to poor hygiene and practices. These doctors lack the basic medical training which would ensure that patients are kept safe from infectious diseases.

Medical malpractice is a common problem which can happen anywhere. The doctor remarks that malpractice claims are increasing every year in America with many more patients filing suits. Although most of the doctors in America are qualified, there is still a risk that they will neglect their patients.

Many patients in the US suffer permanent injuries and scarring for the rest of their lives, and others die as a result of incorrect medical treatment. While there are risks associated with every medical procedure, it’s important that negligence itself does not increase the risks.

The Pakistan Medical Association is trying to crack down on these unqualified doctors to make the healthcare system in the country much safer. This is the reason why the American Government regulates the healthcare industry so tightly. Doctors practicing medicine must be licensed and any claims against them will be investigated carefully.

Many of these unqualified doctors get work because of testimonials from previous patients. While some patients will be treated successfully without endangering their lives, many more are put at unnecessary risk. This is a form of medical malpractice, but few people in the country bother filing for malpractice suits like happens in the USA.

Americans in Manhattan and Brooklyn are advising experts in Pakistan about how to revise the healthcare system in the country to make it safer. The country is spending millions of dollars on supervising the medical sector and trying to improve the safety records. The American Medical Malpractice Lawyer mentions that healthcare is a very important concern for governments all around the world.
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A source has learned of a very troubling case of what was supposed to have been a day that was filled with a family’s hopes and dreams that suddenly turned into a parent’s worst nightmare. Although their son had been born prematurely, he had reportedly been making good progress. The boy’s parents were especially hopeful to be able to take their son home in a few days. Their outlook was especially bright since the couple had endured two failed pregnancies due to early term miscarriages.

Unfortunately, the worst did happen when a hospital pharmacy technician incorrectly placed the wrong label onto an intravenous (IV) bag that was destined for the couple’s treasure. The baby’s doctor had ordered an IV solution for the infant. The IV bag was labeled correctly, but at some point between the pharmacy and the nurse who was to administer the IV another label was placed over the first label. The nurse had no way of knowing the IV solution that she was about to administer to the baby had a dosage of more than 60 times the amount of sodium that the physician had ordered. Too much sodium can lead to many problems, including heart palpitations and anxiety. The baby did not survive to go home with his parents.

Soon after it was discovered, a hospital spokeswoman admitted that an error had been made.
Needless to say, that the parents are devastated over the loss of their baby. Instead of having a six-month old at home who is healthy and happy, the couple has had to bury their child and at least try to put their lives back together as they find ways to live with their loss. An attorney for the couple has stated that, “The innocent infant died of malpractice, plain and simple. And we intend on proving it in court.” He went on to add that the couple filed their lawsuit to seek “full and fair compensation,” for the loss of their child.

It is unclear at this moment if the hospital has taken any steps to ensure that an error such as the one that claimed the life of this infant will not happen in the future. Hospitals in The Bronx and Westchester certainly have.
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A reporter has learned that a Hilltown, PA, doctor is not only facing a medical malpractice lawsuit, he has also been charged with trading pills for sexual favors. The 68-year old physician stands accused of more than a dozen drug related charges for his alleged involvement in prescribing medication to several women for sex.

The sister of a 31-year old woman stated that her sister had received several prescriptions from the accused doctor, including for at least six different drugs the day before she died. The source also learned that with each prescription the woman received from the doctor, she at least had to show her breasts to him. Some of the drugs the doctor prescribed to the 31-year old woman were in her blood stream the day she died include Oxycodone, Diazepam, Zolpidem, Amitriptyline, Sertraline and Carisoprodol. All reportedly prescribed by the doctor to the woman the day before she overdosed.

The medical malpractice lawsuit that has been filed against the doctor is for his alleged role in the suicide death of a local police detective; the reporter was told. Reports include the detective had recent surgery on his shoulder and had been off from work for about three months. The accused doctor was the detective’s private doctor so he consulted with him regarding his experiencing some anxiety over returning to work. His doctor prescribed Xanax at a dosage of 1mg. Within one month, the dosage was increased to 8 mg. Most reports stipulate that 8 mg is a large dosage of the drug that has been known for suicidal thoughts to be one of its side effects. Before the end of the month, the detective was dead following a self-inflicted gunshot.

These are but two instances the doctor is reported to have legal problems over. The criminal case against him lists several females that the doctor allegedly prescribed medication for sex, and thus far, neither the criminal case, nor the lawsuit has made it to court yet. The rest of the facts will soon be discovered.

Police were able to affect the doctor’s arrest due to an unrelated investigation, which indirectly lead to his prescribing medication for sex. This took place in The Bronx and Westchester County.
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An experienced midwife has recently been charged for the manslaughter of an infant who was under her care. All the charges were ultimately dropped except for injuries and cruelty and carrying out medical procedures without a license to children.

The midwife received a sentence of four years, but most of it was suspended. The witness explained that this actually meant that she would probably be in jail for five days. She received a fine of $5,000 and is not permitted to practice midwifery or applying for a license for the next four years.

The doctor remarked that it was a victory that she saw the error of her ways. This is actually fairly unusual in these types of cases, with the guilty person still protesting their innocence.

The case relates to when the midwife was supervising a home delivery. The parents were initially receiving treatment from Birth Care. However, this clinic advised against a home delivery because the baby was in breach. The midwife was chosen so that the parents could still have a home delivery.

The midwife presented herself as an expert in complicated births. She did not have a license for midwifery in Virginia, however she was experienced. Court records show that she has supervised with over 1,000 births throughout her career.

This delivery became much more complicated than it was first thought. The head of the child became stuck. The baby was born around 15 minutes later but he did not have a heartbeat due to the medical malpractice.

The midwife managed to successfully resuscitate the baby. After some time she asked the parents to request further medical assistance. The baby was transferred to hospital by ambulance and died two days later as a result from the complications at the time of birth.

The midwifing community in brooklyn and Staten Island explained that this would put many midwives off accepting to supervise home births which were complicated in nature. There is even a Facebook page which has information about past successful births and many letters of support for the midwife.
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A Florida family recently received a settlement or $19.2 million, in a suit that could be the first of its kind in the area. However, the payment for medical malpractice of the settlement may become dicey.

In 2007, only 15 days after her birth at HealthPark Medical Center, the family’s baby daughter was given a dose of “nutrients”. However, the dosage was wrong, and it was filled as 100 times the dose, stated a doctor. The mistake led to severe complications, including cardiac arrest.

A study explained that after the mistake that almost cost their daughter her life, the family sued the Lee Memorial Health System. The baby girl, now three and a half years old, still suffers severe effects from the accident. She is blind and has cerebral palsy. Her injuries will cause her to need constant care for the rest of her life. She will always be wheelchair bound. She will need to be fed and cared for the rest of her life.

According to a person in the know, the hospital has released a statement discussing that they don’t feel like they should be held accountable for the child’s medical problems. They believe her medical issues stem from her being born three months early and weighing in at only one and a half pounds. This happens in many places including hospitals in New York City and Staten Island.

The family may only see $200,000 of the settlement amount though, due to liability caps. The hospital has never paid a claims bill through the courts, but after appeals and motions to retrial, this may be the first time they do.
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The woman in this medical malpractice case got a rough deal from the get-go, indicated a source. She was only 35-years old and a mother of four children, when she experienced unexplained headaches and other strange symptoms. In July of 2006, she went to the nearest hospital for medical attention.

Testing indicated that she had a non-bleeding aneurysm and a hospital neurosurgeon put coils into it. Unfortunately, the surgical team didn’t notice they had also perforated one of the arteries in her brain. From there on out, things went from bad to worse, explained the observer. For instance, the woman, who had been put on Heparin, a blood thinning medication, started to show signs that she was having a stroke. A nurse noticed the symptoms, but still gave the woman her Heparin.

Unfortunately, the doctors didn’t find out about the problem until it was too late to do anything and the woman’s brain was filled with blood and she had sustained significant brain damage. The complications of this fiasco left her paralyzed on one side and trying to cope with poor vision and a whole host of other medical problems. Her life had been totally changed and would never be the same again, added the investigator.

The negligent nurse settled for $1 million prior to trial and a jury awarded her $23 million to provide for her constant care. The trial took a while to get to court, but that’s usually the case with complex medical malpractice lawsuits. Most cases like this in Manhattan and Long Island require expert witnesses to testify to what standard of care was violated not to mention the fact that there would be months of intensive reading relating to the patient’s medical files.
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A three year old child who died at a clinic in Kolsewadi, Kalyan is the subject of a medical malpractice suit. The parents of the child claim that the child died because he did not receive the necessary treatment. They have recently filed a report at the local police station.

The family was in the city at an engagement party. After some time the child starting vomiting violently. This was enough to concern the parents and take him straight to the emergency room of the nearest doctor. The doctor did treat the child. However, by morning the child had died. This was obviously a very upsetting time for the parents.

The parents have alleged that the reason for this boy’s death is because the hospital failed to correctly diagnose the cause of the symptoms. This meant that they prescribed the wrong medicine which did nothing and ultimately lead to his death. The parents are adamant that the child’s death was preventable, and is something that shouldn’t have been allowed to happen.

The hospital denies all the allegations. They state that they took the best care of the child which was possible. The doctor has been handed a statement which explains that someone was with the child at all times. The child was also given standard treatment while the results of various tests came back. The hospital did everything in its power for the little child, and is sympathetic with the Parents pain. The hospital says that they are not liable for the death because they had given the very best standard of care.

The local police department is currently investigating the claim. They are conducting a post mortem to find out the exact cause of death. They will also call on expert witnesses to try and discover whether or not the death was preventable and whether medical malpractice took place.

The police explain that if the expert witnesses suggest that there was negligence then a case will be filed in court for medical negligence. Police in Nassau and Suffolk would handle the case in the same way.
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The patient in this med mal case was admitted to a medical center in the US, where she was treated by one of the doctors on staff. While the records are not clear on precisely why the woman was admitted or what treatment the doctor administered, it was evidently something that the patient felt amounted to medical malpractice, or she would not have chosen to sue the doctor.
As a part of the statement filed in court, the papers indicate that the doctor violated the accepted standard of care for the treatment he provided and that the plaintiff suffered harm because of that violation. In many medical malpractice cases, the presence of another doctor, an “expert,” is required to provide testimony that what the doctor being sued did was not up to the accepted standards of the area the physician practiced in. For this reason, medical malpractice cases are often long and involved and deal with complex medical information, outlined the reporter.

Interestingly enough, even though the latest lawsuit against this particular doctor does not specify what he did, this is not the first time that he has been named in a lawsuit. An earlier lawsuit in which the jury found for the doctor, said he did nothing wrong when he did not order restraints to be put on an elderly woman. In that case, the woman was overmedicated after surgery and fell out of her bed.

At trial, the jury was asked if any of the doctor’s actions led to the plaintiff’s fall. The jury was only out for 30 minutes before returning a verdict in favor of the defendant doctor.
This latest lawsuit is asking for compensation for medical costs, mental anguish and impairment. Hospitals in The Bronx and Staten Island take precautions to guard against situations like this one.
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The last place one would expect to have narcotics for pain over prescribed would be in a pain clinic. Unfortunately, that is what happened in this egregious medical malpractice case. It was such a bad situation, that when the medical records of the clinic were subsequently checked prior to trial, it was discovered that other patients had experienced problems with this same clinic; problems that included addiction to medications and overdosing.

Four patients of the clinic that managed to survive their deadly drug regime chose to file a wrongful death and medical malpractice lawsuit against the clinic for over prescribing narcotics to clinic patents and causing addiction, withdrawal and two deaths.

The facts of the claim indicated the nurse practitioners went way overboard in prescribing narcotics and completely ignored the warning signs that two patients were demonstrating; two patients who ultimately died. The other two patients who sought compensation suffered severe addiction and devastating withdrawal symptoms. Evidently, there were also another six overdose deaths in 2007 and 2008.

As a result of a subsequent investigation by the USDEA, staff at the clinic were ordered to forfeit their licenses to prescribe narcotics for two years. The burning question of the day is what will happen to the licenses after the two year period is up? Not many people in Suffolk and Westchester counties would want the three individuals involved in this case to have access to narcotics again after this fiasco.

Medical malpractice comes in many forms and sometimes patients don’t realize what has happened to them.
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