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Lifting caps for Medical Malpractice Cases


A report shares how the unfortunate incident of a 17 year old lady’s tragic death due sparked the discussion between law makers, patient advocate groups and Congress about lifting caps for medical malpracticedamages.

Many lawmakers, according to the report, are trying to cut down on the cost of health care and one of the ways that they deem necessary to accomplish this task is to put a cap on medical malpractice cases. The lawmakers and groups of physicians seem to agree that if a cap is not put on such medical malpractice cases, it will result in unnecessary lawsuits.

However, the expert along with families of the patients disagrees with this stance. They feel that doctors and hospitals should be held accountable for their negligence.

The hospital where the death of this young woman occurred were quick to note that they were sad about her death and indicated that they have worked to conduct an intensive investigation that would give definitive answers about her death. Hospitals in Manhattan and Queens also strive to eliminate mistakes like this.

One hospital official said, “We take pride in our policy of informing the family and the patient about their care and the treatment that we provide.”

However, this young lady’s family has decided to take it into the court system so that they can have some closure about what happened to their daughter. The young lady’s parents had to cut through so much red tape to get the answers that they required.

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