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Medicaid fraud being cleaned up, says a New York City Malpractice Lawyer

Millions of taxpayers’ dollars have been recovered over the last three years from the Medicaid Fraud Unit. The Attorney General has been on a crusade to clean up the Medicaid system by prosecuting pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment suppliers, doctors, and nurses that have been ripping off the system. One large return came from a large drug company that was marketing an antipsychotic drug inappropriately toward children for treating attention deficit disorder or depression as an “off-label” usage. Other rewards came from charges against a psychiatrist billing for services supposedly rendered while he was out of the country, and doctors writing prescriptions for medications used to treat pain disorders for patients already addicted to narcotics. According to New York Malpractice Lawyers, this movement could not be more needed. It is the hopes of the Attorney General’s office that by cracking down on fraudulent use of Medicaid, the system will be able to work as it was originally intended and more efficiently. In 2009, $283 million dollars was recovered and a record of 148 criminal convictions was won. A total of $263.5 million was regained in 2008 and $113.8 million for the year of 2007. Although the increasing amounts reveals the effectiveness of the AG’s office each year in catching these criminals, it also exposes a sad trend of just how corrupt the system is. It appears that it is not an uncommon practice for doctors and medical providers to claim services that were not performed. New York Malpractice Lawyers are aware of this exploitation and fighting against it.

Victims of the misbehavior of a medical provider should contact a NY Malpractice Attorney to have your rights represented. Call a New York Malpractice Lawyer if you suspect your physician or medical provider has committed an act of fraud, or has harmed you or a loved one due to negligence.

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