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Mother of Cerebral Palsy Girl Seeking Stem Cell Cure


A mother is hoping that stem cell research could provide the secrets which can be used to cure her daughters Cerebral Palsy. The 9 year old girl suffers from epilepsy, asthma and cerebral palsy.

It is alleged that the young girl suffers from cerebral palsy because of mistakes which were made during her birth. The girl was in an awkward position which meant that the mother really should have been offered a caesarian section. However, the pregnancy was allowed to continue as normal but she didn’t give birth until two weeks after the due date.

The family have successfully filed a case against the doctor in the emergency room. They have received a settlement of $1 million. Once all of the New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer fees were paid, the rest of the money was put into a trust fund.

The family have had 9 years to get used to coping and living with the condition of the girl. The young girl requires daily treatment with a nebulizer to assist her breathing. Her epilepsy also causes seizures. The full time careers of the girl are her father and brother. In Long Island and New York City, Lawyers deal with birth injury on a daily basis.

The NY Medical Malpractice Lawyer explains that the mistakes made at the time of her birth have had a serious impact on her whole life. She cannot eat normal food and is instead fed through a small tube which is inserted straight into the stomach. Her body finds it difficult to retain the food and her weight at 9 is only 30 pounds.

She tries to live as normal a life as possible. She attends school whenever possible. She has a personal instructional aide to assist with her studies when she is at school. At the moment she cannot communicate because she does not have any movement in her hands.

The parents of the girl are hoping that stem cell research will provide a suitable treatment. They have chosen a medical center in China which will implant the stem cells by lumbar puncture. This is not a cure, but will hopefully lessen the symptoms.

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