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Mother of Girl with Cerebral Palsy Seeking Treatment


A mother of a young girl who suffers from many medical conditions, including Cerebral Palsy, asthma and epilepsy is looking for possible treatment options. The girl who is 9 suffers from seizures and many other medical complications.

The medical disorders are affecting the girl because of medical malpractice when she was born. This was caused because the baby was in an awkward position when she was being born. It was argued that this could have been prevented fairly easily if a C-section was done quickly. Instead the baby was born two weeks late.

The family hired a Lawyer and successfully managed to sue the hospital and the emergency room doctor. The family received a settlement of $1 million dollars. The money left over after paying court costs was put into a trust fund to provide for the child’s future healthcare bills.

The family has had to cope with the condition of their daughter since she was born. She requires one treatment with a nebulizer every day to improve her breathing. She requires around the clock assistance which is currently provided by her brother and father.

The young girl needs regular medical care and spends lots of time in hospital. Last year she spent 8 months hospitalized. She is also unable to eat food, she is fed with a feeding tube directly into her stomach explains the doctor.

The girl does go to school when she feels that she is able to. However, she spends more time in hospital than at school. She can communicate with people using her eyes. It is hoped that she will be able to move her hands after the treatment so that she can communicate with a more effective method.

The parents of the girl have been investigating possible treatment options which can be used to relieve some of the conditions of Cerebral Palsy. They found a clinic in China which will offer the revolutionary treatment. While it’s not expected to be a cure, it is hoped that it will give her some more movement in her hands.

The parents intended to use the remainder of the $1 million settlement for the treatment. However, they were told that because this was in trust this was not possible. Instead a friend of the family organized a fundraising event to cover the costs. Hospitals in Queens and Westchester are aware of this.

The family would also really like to form a support group for people who suffer from Cerebral Palsy.

If your Child suffers from Cerebral Palsy then it is likely you can file a case for medical malpractice. A New York Medical Malpractice Attorney will be able to review your unique case and advise you accordingly. Hiring a New York Medical Malpractice Attorney is essential because these claims can be so complicated.

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