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New York City Medical Malpractice Lawyer Evaluates Chinese Malpractice Case


A New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer explains that a lawsuit is taking place against a Chinese hospital due to a medically necessary procedure experiencing extreme delays. The lawsuit is being brought against the hospital by the girl’s father. The father says that the delay in the procedure caused further damage to his daughter’s health and mental abilities.

The girl was under medical care because she was experiencing bleeding in the tissue of her brain. Her father says that the hospital she was at should have performed the surgery almost two years sooner than it actually took place. This delay was unreasonable, unnecessary and the cause of the daughter’s current condition. A New York City Malpractice Lawyer explains that in the United States this would certainly be valid grounds for a lawsuit.

The father feels that the Chinese legal system has failed him and not paid enough attention to his complaints; the father has pursued the case through several levels of the justice system. The father says that his accusations of malpractice were ignored, several witnesses were not allowed to testify and that evidence proving that the delays in care were unnecessary and excessive was purposefully destroyed.

The daughter, who was 15-years-old at the time she experience the initial brain hemorrhaging, currently needs fulltime medical attention and help with activities of daily living. The man is suing for damages and, he says, to obtain justice for his daughter, whose future has been destroyed. He would have a much easier time in the U.S. In New York City or Brooklyn, a case like this would not be held up by the government.

Though the man remains doubtful that he will receive a favorable ruling or that the case will even make it a hearing, he continues to pursue the case. The case faces several hurdles. The man is seeking lawsuits against both the hospital and the attending physician. It is unclear at this time what the man hopes to obtain in monetary compensation, or if he hopes to receive any financial benefit at all from the case beyond what he needs to support his daughter.

There were no statements available from the lawyers involved in the case. The Chinese government has also not commented on the case, although there is legislation proposed which would regulate medical malpractice cases.

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