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New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer reports: Suit asserted after cancer goes unchecked for 12 Months


A 33 year old Homemaker Meriem Bouchaara visited her OB/GYN in Manhattans with complaints of a large mass in her breast. Her doctor claimed that it was a cyst and was then referred to a breast surgeon. After the breast surgeon conducted numerous test it he determined that his findings were normal for lactating women and that the results were benign. Bouchaara was than told to return for a follow up in 4 weeks. Bouchaara than returned to the office after she was no longer lactating and a series of test were conducted where no abnormalities were revealed, and was told to return in six months. 2 months later Bouchaara returned to her doctor reporting that her breast has worsened and her doctor than suggested she avoid coffee, chocolate and any other items that contained caffeine. The doctor than advised that if she worsened after two weeks to return to the office. Her condition did not improve in that two week time frame. The condition worsened and she was denied immediate radiological attention because the holidays pending. Two months later she went in for an evaluation that revealed 8 centimeters of microcalcifications, which are tiny specs of mineral that are usually found scattered in the mammary gland, which usually implies that cancer is present. Doctors concluded that she had state-IIB cancer. The client contended a lawsuit against both doctors claiming that they failed to timely diagnose her cancer, constituting medical malpractice. Both parties negotiated $1.5 Million dollars in a pretrial settlement.

Medical Malpractice is when professional negligence is acted or omitted by a health care provider where care provided causes injury or death to a patient. Such negligence includes and is not limited to an error in diagnosis, treatment, or illness management, if the doctors’ actions deviated from accepted standards of practice, and the hospital has improper care or inadequate training, such as problems with medications or sanitation.

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