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Sons Life Affected by Medical Negligence


When a child was 1 year old he spilled coffee all over himself. Although this would not affect any adult that much, it has completely and irreversibly changed this toddler’s life. He burned over 10 percent of his body and required urgent medical treatment. The toddler was rushed to St Johns Hospital for medical attention.

The accident happened in 2010. Today though, things are much worse. The child is in a near vegetative state due to medical negligence explains a New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer. It is thought that the child was injected with the incorrect types of sedatives which have affected his life forever. The doctors initially started blaming each other over the mix up which led to the wrong injection being given. The boy is just over two years of age and has already spent virtually half of his life so far in hospital. In New York and Queens, hospitals are aware of this case.

The family of the child are devastated that their son has suffered significantly as a result of the mistakes made by doctors. The hospital states that at two he only weighed 7KG. He was unable to see or hear properly at one time; fortunately he has recovered the use of these senses. However, he is unable to identify anyone and is thought to be in a near vegetate state.

The hospital denies all liability for the condition of the child. They released a statement which has since been given to the New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer. In it, the hospital claims that he suffered respiratory problems which required him to be resuscitated. At this time it was discovered he had a brain injury which needed additional treatment.

The infections were controlled using medications. The hospital claims that they were not negligent and have the toddler the very best care that they possibly could. However, the child now has a developmental age of around 15 months which is far less than his real age.

The statement issued by the hospital then mentions that the child has made a recovery. It mentions that he has not had any health problems for three months. The father of the child says that this is outrageous. Because of these mistakes his son is unable live a normal life.

If you or anyone you know has suffered medical negligence then you might have a reason to claim. Try talking to a New York Medical Malpractice Attorney today to discover the possibility of succeeding and winning compensation.

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