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HSE sued over medical negligence to wife


The husband of a wife who has suffered brain damage is suing the hospital for medical negligence. The husband is the chair of the Irish Recorded Music Association and a prominent member of the community noted the report.

The husband of the patient is suing the Health Service Executive in relation to the treatment that his wife received. The Staten Island doctor and consultant are also involved in the lawsuit. The patient experienced a loss of memory and depression due to bran damage caused by the operation.

The husband claims that his wife’s entire personality has been changed. She was very confident and outgoing when they first met. Now though, she is very different. She is more vulnerable and delicate. She is also left unable to work because of the injuries sustained which resulted in permanent brain damage.

The Lawyer currently handing the case explains that she experienced stomach cramps and pains when she was on holiday in 2005. When she returned home she had a laparotomy operation.

The court was told that the condition of the patient deteriorated very quickly. This meant that the patient was very ill and had to have a second operation to try and resolve the problems. She was rushed into surgery for the second operation.

The patient’s husband later told the court that his wife never actually got better. Also she started acting differently to how she normally did. She told her husband that she was pregnant, and also that her father had visited her – her father had been dead for years before this. This is thought to be because of the brain damage caused during the operations.

The patient’s husband is currently suing the hospital and doctor for the brain damage. This brain damage has completely changed his wife. The reason for the brain damage I believed to be due to a lack of Thiamine or Vitamin B1 while she was treated.

The case is currently ongoing. The hospital denies any liability and says that these complications are a well-known risk of such operations even in Westchester.

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