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Teenagers Awarded Compensation for Medical Negligence


Two teenagers underwent heart treatment when they were young children. As a direct result of this treatment they suffered from brain damage. Both of these teenagers were treated at hospitals in Bristol.

These teenagers have been awarded half a million pounds each to compensate for medical negligence. The money was awarded as a settlement from the Bristol Healthcare NHS Trust in the United Kingdom. The report noted that the money is awarded to help deal with ongoing medical expenses, and prior suffering and treatment expenses.

The standard of surgery conducted by a pediatric cardiac unit in Bristol was called into question almost ten years ago. A public enquiry was conducted to look specifically at the risks. The report found some startling results. The Lawyer has obtained a copy of the public enquiry report which shows just how serious the scandal really was.

This uncovered what was branded the Bristol Heart Scandal by the papers. The poor treatment resulted in the deaths of thirty five young patients, and more were severely injured. Many of the injuries included brain damage which will affect the patients for the rest of their life. The study found that the mortality rates in these hospitals were double most other hospitals.

The patients both argue that the level of care and the standard of surgery were far below what was expected. Not only did the treatment put their lives in danger, but it has left them permanently disabled. One of the patients requires around the clock care due to severe brain damage. This care is currently provided by her grandmother, but it is not clear what will happen when she is unable to care for her.

Although both of the cases have been settled, the NHS trust points out that they have not admitted liability. They offered the compensation as a way to safeguard their lives and ensure that they can afford to live. This ruling has hopefully made it much easier for the two patients who have been left disabled for the rest of their life. Hospitals in Queens and Staten Island are aware of this circumstance.

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