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Jury Rendered Her Not Guilty Reports NYC Malpractice Lawyers Nurse Settled Malpractice Case Shortly Before

A young woman died during plastic surgery and her family sued the anesthesiologist and nurse for wrongful death. The woman, 42, came to New York from Ireland for a facelift. According to New York Malpractice Lawyers, the jury in the trial decided that while the anesthesiologist and nurse had deviated from acceptable medical practice, the two were not factors in the death of the woman.

New York Malpractice Lawyers reported that the nurse entered a plea giving the woman’s family a settlement of $1 million just prior to a jury decision, which would have cleared her of any charges. The jury decision also cleared the anesthesiologist.

Rarely do malpractice cases end with such news as this one. Had the nurse merely waited out the jury and their decision, her settlement would not have been necessary. According to the New York Malpractice Lawyers that Sachs also settled with the family for $2.1 million before the trial started.

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