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Medical Mistake Rips Family Apart


A Los Angeles Superior Court judge has ruled that a paraplegic mother has the right to visit with her children. The woman gave birth to triplets four years ago, but she was left as a paraplegic due to multiple medical mistakes.

In 2006, the 34-year old mother was giving birth at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA. The hospital told a source that the healthy woman had just given birth to her daughter and one of her sons. During the delivery of her second son, the doctor accidentally nicked her uterus. As the doctors worked to stop the bleeding, her heart stopped. To make bad matters even worse, the defibrillator created in The Bronx and Brooklyn malfunctioned. By the time, doctors resuscitated the woman her brain had been deprived of oxygen for too long. This left her with permanent brain damage. Her husband, not believing she would ever recover, filed for divorce a year later. It was his decision not to allow his ex-wife to see the children that she almost gave her life while giving birth to them. He reasoned that seeing their mother in that condition would be too traumatic for them.

As part of the judge’s 10-page ruling, the children and their mother must be allowed visitation for five days each year. These visitations are to be for three-hours each day. The ruling further states that the children are to be allowed to communicate with their mother once a month via Skype. During the mother and children’s visitation time, the children’s father will determine who will be in the room, and he has already expressed that the children’s grandmother will not be permitted in the room, sources told to a reporter. The judge also refuted the children’s father’s claim by saying that “There is no compelling evidence that visitation with Abbie will be detrimental to the children.”

The ruling is temporary until a child custody case has been resolved. The grandparents have also filed a separate lawsuit that is pending. In that suit, they are seeking four weeks of visitation without the father being present.

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