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Birth Injury Malpractice Suit Settles for $8.5 Million


A medical malpractice case involving a 5 year old boy has been settled with $8.5 million in damages. The trial was settled after just three days. A report read by the Queens judge explains that the settlement has been awarded to help provide ongoing medical care for the young boy for the rest of his life.

Injuries were caused to the little boy as a result of negligence of medical staff during the birth of the boy. The five year old still suffers from seizures as a result of the problems during his birth. He is also unable to see, hold his head up, or walk unassisted. He will need round the clock medical care for the rest of his life. All of his medical problems are caused due to mistakes which were made during his delivery which resulted in serious brain damage.

The start of the delivery seemed to be OK at first. However, at 9 AM, doctors were concerned for the welfare of the baby because the heart rate dropped suddenly explained the nurse. His heart rate was at a healthy 140 beats per minute, but then it dropped suddenly to 60 beats per minute.

The nurse was very concerned about the baby and carried on doing readings to check the health. However, the nurse still waited for around 30 minutes before calling for more help. The doctor says that the nurse should have sought help much earlier. If treatment was received earlier then it would have been easier for the baby to be born without any complications.

The obstetrician from Staten Island needed to travel to the hospital and arrived after 22 minutes. However, he waited until 11 AM to carry out the cesarean section. This operation went smoothly and was very simple. It only took four minutes to complete and this meant that if it was carried out straight away that it would have been possible to change the family’s life for the better. According to the medical report, the heart rate falling was because the umbilical cord was squashed, this deprived the baby of oxygen which resulted in negligence.

If your child has sustained avoidable complications during the birth then it may be possible to file a lawsuit. Hire a New York Medical Malpractice Attorney for more details about the case and to check your chances of succeeding.

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