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Husband Sues Hospital over Brain Damage caused by Medical Negligence


The husband of a woman who received medical treatment at St Martins Hospital is currently suing the HSE and doctor. The basis of the claim is because his wife was left brain damaged as a result of the treatment. The lawyer handling the case explains that this was due to medical negligence.

The patient now suffers from depression ad memory loss as a result of the operation. The husband told the court that his wife’s personality has been permanently altered by this operation. When they first met she was bubbly and very friendly. Now she is much more vulnerable. She is also left being completely incapable of working due to the injuries.

The husband has hired an expert to handle the case. The hospital and consultant are both being sued for negligence in the care received.

The woman has one child and became ill when on holiday in 2005. She said that she was suffering from stomach pain. Upon returning home she underwent surgery to treat the symtoms.

The court was told that the patient’s condition deteriorated and she was considered critical at one point. She required additional surgical procedures and was rushed in for the emergency surgery.

According to the court records, the husband explained how his wife was starting to act differently. She did not seem to get better for a very long time. After a few weeks things seemed to be returning to normal as his wife was able to talk. However, when her husband spoke to her he realized that something was very wrong. His wife was now behaving as a different person. The patient was confused and said that she was pregnant and that she had been visited by her late father.

The husband has filed a medical malpractice case for negligence and improper care while she was being treated. The brain damage is said to be a result of her not receiving enough Vitamin B1 or Thiamine while in hospital. Because of this, the complications were avoidable and there was no reason why the patient needed to suffer in this way.

If a member of your family experiences brain damage as a result of medical treatment then you may be able to file a lawsuit. Talk to a New York Brain Injury Attorney to learn about the procedure and file your case today. A New York Brain Injury Attorney will handle every aspect of your case which should make it much easier for you to get the damages you deserve.

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